Ada 95

Ada utilities

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Welcome to the DFCS Ada Utility repository! Of course, the avid Ada fan should have a link to:

We are currently using AdaGIDE, an IDE for gnat, throughout our curriculum. This environment allows you to edit, compile and build Ada programs from within a Windows 95/NT interface. It also features a reformatting tool, which automatically capitalizes and indents Ada programs. It is implemented entirely in Ada using the Win32Ada binding. Click here for more information.

Another major project is RAPID, the RAPID Ada Portable Interface Designer. This is a platform independent GUI design tool for Ada.

The newest major project is A#, an Ada port to the MS .NET platform.

Here locally, I also have:

Adagraph2001: A revised version of Adagraph, by Jerry van Dijk.  Allows drawing off the edge of the screen, moves the origin to lower left corner, etc.  This link goes directly to an installer program.  Use with Mcc-Sounds

AdaGOOP : The Ada Generator of Object-Oriented Parsers

Parallel : A binding to use the parallel port under Windows 95/98.

Serial : A binding to use the serial port under Windows 95/98/NT.

Mcc-Sounds : A binding to play .WAV files under Windows 95/98/NT.

format : This program takes as input an Ada program, and outputs the program colorized, indented and with capitalization according to commandline options. note: any RTF capable word processor or text editor on any platform that supports color will display colorized code. For more information, look at the README file.

script: A Windows utility for running programs and having the output echoed to a file. For source (zip'd), click here. For the executable (zip'd), click here.

p2ada : A simple pascal to Ada translator developed using aflex,ayacc

Some extensions by Gautier de Montmollin for Borland Pascal.

Fortran to Ada95 Translator donated by Oliver Kellogg (DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, Ulm Germany). Implemented as a perl script.