Olden: Parallelizing Programs with Dynamic Data Structures on Distributed-Memory Machines

Welcome to the Olden web page!


Olden is a language and runtime system for parallelizing programs using dynamic data structures. Our philosophy is to minimize the burden on the programmer for parallelizing applications using a combination of sophisticated compiler and runtime techniques.

Olden is a parallel extension of C. The user is required to mark available parallelism and distribute the data across processors. Olden automatically handles thread creation, thread management, communication and synchronization.

The current release of Olden is version 1.01 (dated June 1996). Olden runs on the Thinking Machines CM-5. Note the sites listed below are not maintained by the US Air Force Academy-- we cannot be held responsible for their content.


Researchers who worked on Olden:



The Olden benchmark suite (v. 1.0) is available as a compressed tar file. This file contains plain versions of the 10 benchmarks described in our PPoPP paper.

The complete Olden system (v. 1.01) is also available as a compressed zip file. This file contains the compiler and runtime system for the Thinking Machines CM-5, along with Olden versions of all 11 benchmarks described in Carlisle's dissertation.